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Cardio Sport was created by Founder, John Duffy in 2006.  As a long time high level athlete, John found himself bored and unmotivated by the fitness options available to keep himself moving after his playing days were over. 

In an effort, at the time, to improve his own fitness he began to work out in the group exercise room in the 30,000 square foot fitness facility he owned at the time during off hours. Before long, people were wondering what he was doing. It looked fun, and they noticed him getting in great shape.


One by one people began to join him and before long he had such a large group that he formalized his program into a class, which he called Cardio Sport, and put it onto his group exercise schedule. He used his diverse knowledge of sports, music and athletic training to create a fun, and highly motivational environment for athletes that got them great results.

In 2008, after 2 years of running his classes and growing the group to 100+ people, he decided to formalize his program and dedicate his life to developing the Cardio Sport Exercise Method. Now, over a decade and a half later, Cardio Sport, also known as 'The Workout of Sports' is one of the most effective and comprehensive exercise systems in the market. Today you can take a live class in 26 different states, join our Virtual On Demand Training community, get certified to lead your own classes and even open a studio. 


Although certainly open to anyone who connects to the method, the program is designed to serve a burning need athletes have to be connected to movement through purpose driven activities. Whether it is driving a basketball up the court, defending against an opponent or scoring the game winning goal, athletes connect to movement best when there is a purpose that feels greater than exercise. Cardio Sport sessions fuel that purpose and provide an environment that replicates the feeling of being in a game. Unlike other athletic programs out there, our participants do not just train 'like' an athlete, they train AS one. There's a huge difference - join the Cardio Sport movement today and you will see why. 


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