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John is the mastermind behind the Cardio Sport® Exercise System.  John’s deep knowledge of how the human body functions, coupled with his supreme mastery of how to apply his knowledge to get elite results, has been the foundation from which the Cardio Sport Exercise System was developed.

Over the past decade and a half, John has personally trained  thousands of people with extraordinary results. Over the past 7 years, he has also taught hundreds of instructors, trainers, athletes, PE teachers and coaches to use his methodologies through Cardio Sport’s national certification initiative.  Through that program Cardio Sport had trained thousands and thousands of people around the world.

Growing up John was a skilled athlete, playing numerous sports, including soccer,  hockey, basketball, lacrosse, baseball and tennis at the high school, collegiate and post collegiate level.  Always the team captain, he was a passionate athlete that dedicated thousands of hours to training and practicing for his sports. As he became older, it became very apparent that although John has natural skill, he had a unique ability to understand how to train his body to maximize his results and performance in the game. 

In addition to a love of sports and physical movement, John is also intensely passionate about music and the psychology of people. Both of these life long fascinations play a key role in his development of Cardio Sport, and ultimately the program’s phenomenal success.


For a  fitness program to be truly successful over a long period of time, it must produce far more than just physical results. John’s clear understanding of this concept early on, coupled with his keen ability to create an environment that inspires and motivates people to achieve more than they could ever imagine possible (GETTING TOP RESULTS), has been life changing for so many.


Cardio Sport participants around the country will tell you that they are impressed by the fitness results they receive, but even more impressed by how their participation in the method has impacted them mentally and emotionally. If you have ever taken one of John's trainings directly there is no mistaking his extraordinary leadership and unparalleled experience. 

John graduated from Adelphi University with a BS in Finance and has been an entrepreneur ever since. He has owned and operated three companies and today chooses to focus his energy,  passion into the Cardio Sport Method.

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