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"Cardio Sport is unlike any other program that we have ever run. It is fun, sporty and students love it. We have offered this program for a few years now and I have a huge advocate for it.   The Cardio Sport team is very hands on and has been there for us every step of the way. In addition, this program helps to engage a population of students who are often left out of Group Exercise - former athletes - and as a Rec Center leader, it is critical that we are offering programs that cater to all different types of students on our campus. I love this program and cannot recommend it enough!"

-Lisa Williamson, Recreation Director, UGA 

Since day one our classes have been packed. We love this program here at UCLA. Within 2 weeks of Certification I was already purchasing a second equipment package to expand our program. ​


-Elisa Terry, Recreation Director UCLA 

"I'm super stoked to see all of these bands diversifying themselves as bands and businesses, by partnering with Cardio Sport to bring their virtual workout program to their fans and new people to get consistent with movement. Daily movement is critical for people, especially now physically, mentally and emotionally, and Cardio Sport does it in a very unique way that is effective and fun. People love it! Collaboration with the bands takes it to a whole new level!”


-Kevin Lyman, Founder, The Warped Tour

"In 2017 - unbeknownst to me at the time - I made a career changing decision when I became a Certified Cardio Sport Instructor.  This was unlike anything I have ever taught in the past. It not only more fun than any other workout I have ever done or led, but it gets incredible results for both the instructor (because you are doing the workout) and their participants. I have seen my personal fitness and all of my following’s fitness levels transform in ways I did not think possible prior to leading this program.  I have also seen skyrocketing retention rates, that I had never experienced in the past. People DO NOT leave this program! I am so glad I took the leap that day and got certified. It has changed my life and business and I have never looked back!"

-Jeannine Valle, Certified Cardio Sport Instructor

"Cardio Sport is a completely unique group fitness program that trains your body in a dynamic, challenging and fun style.  It is wildly fun to teach and creates a super motivating atmosphere for all!"

-Jill Isabelle, Director of Fitness & Wellness, University of MA at Amherst, Amherst, MA 

"What I love about Cardio Sport is that it helps participants forget about everything else outside of what we are doing at that very moment.  It’s like playing a sport – there is no room for any other thought except for the moment in front of you. This program has changed my life! I love leading it and helping other people to change theirs! "

-Melissa Gwinn, Certified Cardio Sport Instructor

“We’re excited to be partnering with Cardio Sport because we needed someone to step up and whip us into shape. Working out with these workouts literally makes your feel like you are at a concert, right on stage with the band.”

-Tyler Szalkowski, Lead Guitarist of State Champs

"I love Cardio Sport! I have had this program in my facility for over 3 years now and it is consistently popular. People get tremendous results. My instructors love teaching it and our athletes love taking it! All of our classes do well but our 5:30 AM time slot is a rocking good time!"

-Susan Storm, Group Fitness Manager, Hockessin Athletic Club, Hockessin, DE

“I played soccer my entire life growing up. When I stopped I stayed active but it was not nearly as motivational as my playing days. In 2012 I walked into a Cardio Sport class and have been in the program for 8 years, 5 days a week ever since and never looked back. I am fitter now as a mother of two than I ever was growing up and I attribute all my success to this program. It is truly one of a kind. If you played a sport growing up and are looking for your thing - this is it! Don’t wait!”


Meg McKissock, Participant 

“I love Cardio Sport. I got certified to lead the classes in 2018. I started teaching and the YMCA and quickly realized this was the perfect program for me. Not only did I get into better shape that I ever have been in, but I look forward to every single class I teach. It is so fun and different, but challenges me and my students in a way that I never knew possible before this program. Now I have my own Cardio Sport program - Cardio Sport - Middleboro and actively take the classes multiple times per week as a student as well. Best decision I have ever made.”


-Melissa Letendre, Certified Cardio Sport Instructor 

“I found Cardio Sport when I was a going into my freshman year of college. I knew instantly I loved it. As a long time high school and collegiate multi sport athlete, this program is made for me. It makes you think and feel like you are playing a game. It was exactly what I was missing in my workouts. It is challenging, in a great way, and has gotten me fitter then I have ever been. I made the decision to get Certified after taking classes for about a year and love both leading and taking these classes. If you have not tried The Workout of Sports yet, it is time you do. It will  change your life.”  


- Kate Swart, Collegiate Certified Cardio Sport Instructor 

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