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"In 2017 - unbeknownst to me at the time - I made a career changing decision when I became a Certified Cardio Sport Instructor.  This was unlike anything I have ever taught in the past. It not only more fun than any other workout I have ever done or led, but it gets incredible results for both the instructor (because you are doing the workout) and their participants. I have seen my personal fitness and all of my following’s fitness levels transform in ways I did not think possible prior to leading this program.  I have also seen skyrocketing retention rates, that I had never experienced in the past. People DO NOT leave this program! I am so glad I took the leap that day and got certified. It has changed my life and business and I have never looked back!"

-Jeannine Valle, Cardio Falmouth Studio Owner

"I love Cardio Sport! I have had this program in my facility for over 3 years now and it is consistently popular. People get tremendous results. My instructors love teaching it and our athletes love taking it! All of our classes do well but our 5:30 AM time slot is a rocking good time!"

-Susan Storm, Group Fitness Manager, Hockessin Athletic Club, Hockessin, DE

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