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Hilary heads up Brand Development for Cardio Sport & the Cardio Sport ON DEMAND platform. She became involved with Cardio Sport 7 years ago, first as a participant. She is a long time entrepreneur, with over a decade and half of experience working to bring innovation to market.  


From the moment she first walked into a Cardio Sport class led by John back in 2012, she knew she had to be a part of sharing it with the world. 

Never before has there been a program that truly engaged the mind of athletes (and the bodies) like this program. As a long time purpose driven athlete herself, mainly with individual sports like snowboarding and white water kayaking, she couldn't get enough. Her passion was ignited and her mission to bring Cardio Sport to the world began. 

Having been raised in an entrepreneurial environment as a child, Hilary knew from a very young age that she would some day be an entrepreneur – she just wasn’t sure when or what it would be. After college, she launched her career in the corporate world and spent several years working to gain the knowledge to break out on her own. By her late 20s, she began as strategic consulting firm that serviced the medical device industry.  Six years later she had built a very busy and successful business and served over 30 different companies.

In the Fall of 2013, she was a point in her life where she wanted more than just financial success. She wanted to apply her knowledge and skills to something she was truly passionate about. After a class one day, she had a casual discussion with John regarding Cardio Sport’s national business strategy. She always knew that Cardio Sport was something special – not just another fitness program, but after diving into the project, she began to recognize  the significant business opportunity that Cardio Sport presented.

After working on a few projects here and there, and maintaining her firm, she hit the proverbial fork in the road that every entrepreneur eventually meets. Go forth in full or step back…So she made her decision and in 2014,  she  jumped in head first to follow her passion. She exited her consulting firm and began her journey to focus full time on Cardio Sport. Things have been fast and furious ever since, but she has never looked back.  Every day she is thankful to have the opportunity to devout her passion, enthusiasm, experience and knowledge to something she truly loves.

Hilary holds a BA in Communications from the University of Massachusetts  at Amherst and an Executive Management Certificate from Northeastern University.

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