CARDIO SPORT’s Annual Madness Fitness Challenge Goes on Tour

When you’re a part of the Cardio Sport community, the months of March and May are unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

At the epicenter of Cardio Sport’s national initiative lies the Concept Studio, where everything that the Cardio Sport Nation and its instructors have access to is created and tested before being released. The Cardio Sport Concept Studio is a working studio with members who attend the studio on a daily basis to attend classes, participate in small group and personal trainings, team trainings, and fitness challenges. There is also an annual tradition at the studio these members look forward to every year in March: The Madness Fitness Challenge.

Christmas comes but once a year, but at the Concept Studio, the month of March is like Christmas every day. The Madness is a month-long fitness challenge filled with twists and turns, much like a real life board game, that always has you trying to guess what will happen next.

madness 2017

For the ninth consecutive year, Cardio Sport’s founder, John Duffy, has created another new game: every day a different theme, every day a different class. So what makes it so fun? Some classes require costumes and creativity, while others require skills and knowledge. You never know what piece of the puzzle your own unique talents and personality will fit. This ‘out of the box’ approach to the challenge is not only to make fitness extremely fun for everyone, but also to promote the feeling of community among Cardio Sport’s members. The Madness requires people who may not normally associate with each other to work together to achieve a common goal. It gets people out of their comfort zones in a safe environment while still focusing on elevating one’s overall fitness.

As with every other year, at the end of the month, after 30 days of classes, the select few participants that have completed all the necessary requirements have the opportunity to compete on Day 31 in The Finals to become the Cardio Sport Madness Champion and win a cash prize.

This year’s challenge was similar to others in that there were some days that required its participants to travel for class. Since beginning its national certification initiative, Cardio Sport has incorporated some of these sites as part of the annual tradition. This year’s sites included a diverse group of locations; an athletic turf complex in Auburn, Maine, one of the top 10 rated health clubs in the Nation in Hockessin, Delaware, a small but very popular community-based studio in Peabody, Massachusetts, and a one of the premier YMCAs in Plymouth, MA.

Day 1 madness 2017

This group traveled a total of over 24 hours to attend classes in Peabody, MA, Hockessin, DE, Lewiston, ME, and Plymouth, MA. Talk about dedication! The magic of The Madness transforms one of the toughest months of the year, into a month that people wait all year for. When you’re a part of the Cardio Sport community, March is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

After years of The Madness being exclusive to Cardio Sport’s Concept Studio, The Madness has been unleashed at Cardio Sport’s Weymouth location for the second year in a row! This year, four teams were created from the Weymouth members and many outside participants who have now become members. Although not as extensive in terms of traveling, Weymouth has created an almost identical Madness, creating a month-long journey for its participants. In less than a week, Weymouth will crown their very own Madness Champion! Live on or near the South Shore? Come check out the Weymouth Madness Finale at 6pm on Wednesday, May 31, 2017! Located at 82 Pond St.