Weymouth Studio

Athletes don’t exercise, they train.  At  all of the CARDIO SPORT Studios we train you like an athlete. Whether you are a current athlete, a former athlete or someone who just wants to train and look like an athlete, this program is for you.

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What truly separates our program from everything else is the way we train you. We not only bring the training of an athlete to you – but we bring the fun, emotional rush of sport to our classes, making them something you look forward to, instead of something you have to do. Our classes provide a sense of purpose and play to people who are motivated by the rush of sport, either as a player or a fan.

Engaging in CARDIO SPORT classes will get you fitter than you have ever been, and you will love every minute of it.  All you have to do is show up and put in the work, and we will do the rest for you. No counting calories, no diets, no worrying about reps or needing to jump on the treadmill for a calorie burn. Our program is so comprehensive that you won’t have to do anything else – and you will get into the best shape of your life!

The CARDIO SPORT Training System is comprised of two components: The GROUP DYNAMIC℠ Classes and THE CST℠ Resistance Based Training Initiative.

GROUP DYNAMIC classes are a large group class experience that is designed to replicate the excitement and energy of a sports game, mixed with our signature rock concert vibe. We get you amazing results, and make you feel like you’ve been pulled ‘off the sidelines and into the game.’ GROUP DYNAMIC classes are integrated comprehensive athletic conditioning – our proprietary method of delivering a total body work out, with a focus on developing both your cardiovascular endurance and strength.

The CST Training is a targeted resistance based training compliment, that can be taken in Combination with the GROUP DYNAMIC classes or used as a stand alone personal training solution. When combined together, this system yields the most powerful results anywhere.

At Cardio Sport’s Weymouth Studio, the CST is offered in three ways:

1) Custom Personal Training – Customized personal training, specifically tailored to your needs and your schedule. This is the most powerful form of the CST because everything revolves around YOU.

2) Small Group Training (up to 4 people)  – This option allows you to train with a small group of people, that you select, to work with. Training is customized to your group.

3) Resistance-Based Training Classes – As a member, these group classes are a part of your membership. They are deigned as a resistance-based training compliment to the GROUP DYNAMIC classes.

CARDIO SPORT Weymouth runs over 25 CARDIO SPORT classes per week, starting at 5:30 AM and ending at 7:30 PM, 6 days a week. Join Us!  The drop In rate is $20.