Results speak for themselves.

Cardio Sport isn’t just another exercise program. For many, it is a life changing experience. Our goal is to help you discover your BEST self – inside and out. The extraordinary fitness results achieved through the program are merely a side-effect of that journey.

Year after year, hundreds of pounds are lost, lean muscle mass is made, and our favorite – the confidence of our participants is boosted. What we love most about what we do is being a part of helping people to change their lives. Meet just a few of our participants who have experienced the Cardio Sport DIFFERENCE!

What our Participant’s Say


Jill – Global Fitness & Martial Art Club, Champlain NY

“Who knew eight months ago the difference I would see and feel from adding a new exercise program to my workout. Even my doctor asked what I was doing when she saw my improved lab work results. I still remember how I felt after participating in the demo class and feeling as though I had been pushed to my ultimate limit. It was was so invigorating! There was something special about it – the perfectly selected music,  the inspiration and encouragement the CS instructors exhibited, the exciting and dynamic exercises – that made me want more. As I approach my 55th birthday, I am in the best shape of my life. I am stronger physically and mentally. I never participated in sports or was very athletic but Cardio Sport has made me think maybe I am.  I feel pride in myself each and every time I complete a class or think about the results I have seen. I like that the class pushes you to compete with yourself and  be the best you can be.  I’m a work in progress but I’ve found something that I love in Cardio Sport. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!”

Sharon –  LifeDesigns Fitness Shelton, CT

“I love Cardio Sport! I love all things fitness, but this class is so different from anything else I do. The class and the environment make me push harder. I always walk away feeling fantastic!”


Lisa – Cardio Sport Studio Kingston, MA

“I was encouraged by a friend to try Cardio Sport about a year ago. As soon as I did, I was hooked! The class is absolutely incredible. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!  It’s the best thing that ever happened to me!! If you are not doing Cardio Sport, you are missing out. I cannot live without it!”

Erin – Cardio Sport Studio Kingston, MA

“Since beginning Cardio Sport 6 months ago, I have lost over 30lbs and completely changed my body. I am not only in better physical condition, but I am much happier and feel more energized. The class is so motivating and the instructors are very encouraging. I’ve never participated in any other class like this – where you gain so much out of it, both mentally and physically. I feel like I have another family in Cardio Sport.”


Joyce – Cardio Sport Studio Kingston, MA

“Cardio Sport is amazing! I have done a lot of different exercise programs in my life, but this one is so much different than anything else. Cardio Sport and the instructors push me to work harder than any other work out I have done. The class is fun and motivational, and the results are outstanding. I feel better at my age than I did at 20!”

Justina  – Premier Choice Fitness, New Port Richey,  FL

I love cardio-sport! It is a perfect balance of strength and endurance that really takes your fitness to the next level. I will never forget the first class I participated in because I’ve come so far since then. Thanks to Cardio Sport I’ve improved in my running times and my strength. It’s so easy to give up or just be comfortable in your workouts but this program is all about pushing you so you see and feel improvements in yourself. Thank you Cardio Sport!


Karen  –  Cardio Sport Studio Kingston, MA

Post Olympics, this is by far the best workout I have ever done! Every workout makes me push myself to the limit. Thank you!  [Note: Karen  Cashman Lehmann is a former Olympian, winning  won two bronze medals at the 1993 and 1995 World Winter University Games in the short-track relay.)

Tom  –  Cardio Sport Studio Kingston, MA

Boxers are some of the most cardiovascularly conditioned athletes in the world. Yet somehow you have been able to create a solution that tops that intensity. Thank you Cardio Sport! [Note: Tom was a former professional boxer.]

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