Cardio sport licensing opportunity

If you dream of making a stable six figure + income, owning your own business and spending time in a passion filled, difference making career then this is the business for you
It takes years to learn how to properly run a business. Instead of guessing, invest in a proven, turn-key business system that allows you to use your passion to make a living! We teach you how to run your business from build out, to operations, to sales and marketing. We show you how to stand apart from your competition and cut through the clutter Turn Key Athletic Performance System Proven, Business System Low Cost to Franchise
  • Turn Key Athletic Performance System
  • Proven, Business System
  • Low Cost to Franchise
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Our model is founded on three guiding principles:
  1. Providing a Simple, but Powerful Studio Design – Low overhead, leads to higher profits
  2. Offering the Most Effective Athletic Performance Solution in the Market-Attracts top tier clients that care about how they look, feel and perform and are willing to invest in that. Gets clients the results they want in a fun, effective way that keeps them returning for more year in and year out. Cardio Sport Studio retention rates are significantly higher than standard industry rates because of the unique offering the Cardio Sport Exercise System provides for its clients.
  3. Creating a highly profitable Business Opportunity for Owner
Unlike other fitness franchises, Cardio Sport Studios require minimal staff, with only 2-4 Trainers necessary, based on owner discretion and growth milestones, and low equipment overhead.  These things coupled with the profitable earnings of a Cardio Sport Studio makes this a winning business decision.

Not Your Ordinary Fitness Program

The Cardio Sport Exercise System is one of the most exciting innovations in the fitness industry in decades. Originally designed to get athletic minded people moving again, by ‘distracting them’ from the standard boring exercise routine, Cardio Sport has over the past decade becomes one of the most comprehensive and unique training systems in the market. Participants who are a mix of former athletes, current athletes, sports fans and music lovers, are taken through an hour long athletic fitness journey that makes them feel like they are engaging an sports game, at the best rock concert of their lives. Through continued participation in this original program participants not only get extraordinary fit, but become highly attached to the unique ‘game like simulation’ experience. There’s nothing else like it. 
And your customers can’t get it anywhere else!
There is #onlyone Cardio Sport
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No Fitness Experience Necessary

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You do not need to be an expert in the fitness industry. You just need to want to grow a business by changing the lives of others – your employees and customers. We help you to identify and train the right training staff, so that you can focus on learning the turn key business process and grow your first location and then move onto starting your next!

No Expensive Equipment

Most fitness facilities require you to purchase and maintain tens of thousands of dollars worth of complicated and expensive equipment. Cardio Sport’s training program is designed around maximizing your bodies efficiency so the equipment used in our training classes is minimal, relatively inexpensive and requires little maintenance. Only our proprietary training system can get the high level results we get with so little equipment investment
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Low Monthly Cost, High Profit

We run a tight ship, and teach you to operate with low overhead and monthly costs. Running a Cardio Sport Studio requires very few employees to run at an optimal level – depending on owner preference this may be between 2-4 Trainers. Simple equipment requirements means low maintenance costs and headaches. Using the Cardio Sport Training System you can deliver the world’s most effective training method in a highly profitable way

Monthly Fees – Grandfathered In

As a Cardio Sport Studio owner, your monthly fees are grandfathered in! This means that as our monthly fees rise, yours will continue to remain the same despite the increases

Turn Key, Proven Effective Workout

We provide you with a year’s worth of customized, professional training designs for your group workouts and small group trainings. Every workout is designed as a part of our proprietary system and is high energy, sport driven, fun and guaranteed to give results!
Our workouts are designed in an motivational athletic minded environment, provide unparalleled results, mentally, physically and emotionally

Marketing & Sales Expertise and Turn Key Tactic

We have years of experience in sales and marketing and use all of the current marketing tactics to build your businesses. We guide you on every aspect of marketing to bring people into your studio from your web site, to Social Media Advertising, to Email Marketing campaigns that convert, to Merchandise and other giveaways that both market your studio and add other revenue streams. We teach you how to sell people that come into your facility on the vision of what you offer once they get there, so the join and stay loyal customers for year!
You will have access to our corporate-partnerships with social media advertisers, press agencies and graphic designers. We provide you with the strategy, tactics and resources to successfully grow a business that will be profitable and that you will love!
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