Get Fit, Make Money, Have FUN! 

Are you ready to get yourself and your participants into the best shape of their lives in a fun an exciting way? If you answered yes, this program is for you!

If you love sports, you will love CARDIO SPORT! This fun, high energy group training program is like nothing else you have ever experienced. 

Cardio Sport is the most comprehensive training system in the nation — AND classes are FUN to lead! Whether you are a seasoned trainer looking to step up your game, or a new instructor looking to get paid to get FIT and do something you are passionate about, becoming a Certified Cardio Sport Instructor is the hottest opportunity in the fitness business! 

Get Certified and many doors open for you! You can train competitive athletes, general wellness audiences and / or youth programs. There are Cardio Sport programs for every audience.  Sign up and learn for yourself why this is the fastest growing athletic training program in the country! 


Susan Storm, Group Fitness Manager, Hockessin Athletic Club, Hockessin, DE

I love Cardio Sport! I have had this program in my facility for over 3 years now and it is consistently popular. People get tremendous results. My instructors love teaching it and our athletes love taking it! All of our classes do well but our 5:30 AM time slot is a rocking good time!  

Valerie Ferguson, Cardio Sport Instructor (College Student), SUNY Plattsburgh

Thank you to Cardio Sport for helping me to get my health back. I was told I have a cardio heart today at the doctor! I have been leading this program for less than 3 months and have already dropped 10 lbs and drastically changed my fitness. I love this program! I am so glad I got certified and cannot wait to see where this program takes me. 

Jill Isabelle, Director of Fitness & Wellness, University of MA at Amherst, Amherst, MA 

Cardio Sport is a completely unique group fitness program that trains your body in a dynamic, challenging and fun style.  It is wildly fun to teach and creates a super motivating atmosphere for all!

Mike Laliberte, Owner / Cardio Sport Instructor, Cutting Edge Fitness, Lewiston, ME

Cardio Sport is unlike anything I have ever done – except sports.  It is high energy, very effective and makes me feel like I am back playing in my old hockey days. I have been offering this program for over 3 years at a Turf arena in my home town and have consistently grown my program year after year….And the best part is that I am still having an absolute blast leading it every single time! Oh, and CARDIO SPORT MUSIC ROCKS!!  

Melissa Gwinn, Cardio Sport Instructor, YMCA Plymouth, MA

What I love about Cardio Sport is that it helps participants forget about everything else outside of what we are doing at that very moment.  It’s like playing a sport – there is no room for any other thought except for the moment in front of you. This program has changed my life! I love leading it and helping other people to change theirs! 

Cathy Guadiano, Physical Education Teacher, Weymouth Middle School 

We implemented Cardio Sport’s unique PE curriculum in our middle school about a year ago and we have been continually impressed by the results. Our students love it! It creates an inclusive environment that allows students to only focus on themselves and thus feel confident to test and try new things, which allows them to gain new skills that they would not otherwise. They get excited on Cardio Sport days, which motivates our staff as well! We have really enjoyed teaching this program and even more – love seeing ALL students connected and engaged in our curriculum. This program has made a big difference for us in our program – so much so that we recently shared it with our entire school system in a best practices meeting, and as a result all of our district now has PE staff trained! 

Melonie Bennet, Health & Wellness Director, Braintree School System 

I am so inspired by the program because of the fact each week you do better and each week you can see the changes. I love the challenged of pushing myself. Most of all it’s good fun. Mind, Heart and Soul.

Brian Loffler, Owner / Cardio Sport Instructor, On Track Fitness, Burlington VT

As a gym owner I was looking to add a class that was unique and that was not being done by the other gyms in our area.  I am not a class guy.  I have taken 2 spinning classes and one yoga class in my life.  Group classes to me always look like Jane Fonda or dance oriented.  Even spinning had that same feel.  I felt like I was doing aerobics on a bike.

I grew up as an athlete.  I trained in a gym only to improve my game.  Going to the gym for me was a chore without a reason to train.  That is why I gravitated to men’s hockey leages, triathlon, marathons and spartan races.  Because without a purpose I could not get myself to workout regularly.
Cardio Sport is the only class that I have seen that looks like sports practice and is a training format for athletes.  It improves athleticism while at the same time improves fitness.


Michael Schultz, Athletic Director, Carver School Systems 

As an AD I love this program.

For my athletes, I love the principals and style of training both the athletes minds and bodies through a training method focused on developing Athletic Intelligence. This is unique and like nothing I have ever seen.

For Physical Education, what I love is that the program is designed to be not only highly effective, but fun and engaging. Our students love it and look forward to Cardio Sport PE days.  What is most impressive to me if that our non-athletes love it as much as our athletes. The engagement levels are much higher than anything else we do, and the skills are transferable over to our existing curriculum and only enhance those results.

We now offer this as a part of our curriculum from elementary to high school and are looking forward to continuing to build this program out over the next few year to achieve optimal usage.  Our vision is to make this program a part of our kids weekly lives from the time they enter school until the time they leave it so we can leave them with a sustainable life long love and knowledge of movement that keeps them healthy for a lifetime.

Jeannine Valle, Cardio Sport Instructor, Falmouth,  MA

Cardio Sport is probably one of the best overall fitness programs that I have been involved with. We are all athletes and I believe that Cardio Sport reinforces that theory. Each class is never the same and challenges you each and every time. The combination of athletic movements provides a perfect back drop for anyone looking to drastically improve their overall fitness level. As an instructor I always tell my class it’s not about perfection, but about being better every time. This is unlike anything you have done before. You grow in this class both physically and mentally. To see the progress these athletes have made is what makes them keep coming back for more and why I teach. They see it; I see it and you will too.

Joy Sarbou-Jubert, Owner / Cardio Sport Instructor, Global Fitness, Champlain, NY

A few years ago I lost my only son. I was in a very dark place. For two years the business that I ran for over 13 years (a fitness & martial art center) didn’t matter. I stopped teaching classes, I stopped all personal training because I couldn’t bear the thought of stepping foot on my weight room floor where my Son and I spent most of our time together from the time he was 15 until he passed away at 21. Yet this is what I had once loved and was the way I made my living. My husband look at me one day in late 2012 and said “You need to do something Joy-Cody would not be liking this he would be disappointed and you know it. You are his Mom and he was always so proud of what you did for others, and yourself.” A few weeks later I received a mailer from “CARDIO SPORT.” I opened it and put it in my “To Review Folder”. The holidays were here – just to hard to think of anything else at that moment. Just had to get thru the holidays. As the New Year approached and I thought of my son and myself I smiled even giggled a bit. It was time. I dug out my folder and looked through and found the Cardio Sport paper. This was it! I watched the video. I am not sure what it was but I felt an instant connection with it all. I wanted to not only renew myself for my Son & Family but for my Gym Members who, I left behind and they so patiently waited. Cardio Sport created a spark deep inside that transformed my spirit – my ability to inspire others thru what I do here returned because of THEIR ability to inspire me with what I saw on each persons face in that video. And, I so needed a desire -a challenge- Inspiration. I made that call in Jan. 2013 and never looked back. I created new energy in my Gym & myself. I revamped and created a new class and added Cardio Sport as the new Main Attraction. I am now back to teaching 4 Classes a week as well as retaining clients for personal training. My inspiration is my son~ the best thing as a Mother I can do is to still do what we did together, do what made him proud. Cardio Sport has been the Catalyst – the tool presented to me – to renew my business and myself. Now when I am inside the walls of my Fitness Center I no longer see it as a dark lonely place, I see it as a place I inspired my son to do what he loved and a place of renewed energy to inspire others.

Gretchen Wilkinson, Cardio Sport Instructor, Hockessin Athletic Club, Hockessin, DE

As a long time lacrosse player, and multi sport athlete, I had spent my whole life on teams. When I graduated from college, my regular team playing days ended. It was devastating, but I was committed to staying fit and well so I began working out at Hockessin Athletic Club. 

When the opportunity to get trained to lead Cardio Sport classes came to HAC I immediately took it and have not looked back. Not only does this program keep me in top shape, but it makes me feel the way I felt playing lacrosse. Every class feels like a game, with my team. I love leading the program and am so thankful we offer it here at HAC. I have been teaching for 3 years and still cannot wait for every single class!