Cardio Sport’s™ Athletic Training: Athletic Intelligence, Elite Physical Conditioning and Unparalleled Results


CS-Athlete™  focus on developing and enhancing Athletic Intelligence. Our method makes smarter athletes, who have better in-the-game decision making skills, particularly at the end of the game when players are most exhausted.

Classes are designed to replicate the environment an athlete experiences in the game. This strategic delivery results in increased engagement, faster mental and physical reaction time and extraordinarily conditioned athletes.  Train your teams with Cardio Sport and watch your players reach a new level of athletic performance.

  • Cardio Sport’s methodology focuses on the development and refinement of Athletic Intelligence. There are many reasons why athletes and teams work with Cardio Sport over other training methods, but this is the top reason. Cardio Sport’s unique environment allows us to train an athlete’s mind like no other program in the market today.
  • Athletes are conditioned through a proprietary strategic movement strategy. Classes use a series of progressive, integrated movement patterns, combined with innovative compound sports movements and interval training techniques. Training in this method will provide elite fitness for any athlete. Players significantly improve cardiovascular and strength endurance, agility, balance, speed, quickness and mental reaction time through consistent participation.
  • Class designs are customized to focus on the specific physical requirements of a player or team’s sport.  This provides athletes with a distinct training advantage. The movements they use most are replicated in the “in-the-game” training environment,  making the transition to the field, court or rink seamless.
  • Cardio Sport’s unique team-based environment results in increased team synergy amongst players. Training in this method day in and day out will make your players. not only better individual contributors, but also a better and more cohesive team.
  • Athletes enjoy Cardio Sport Classes, which results in increased engagement and better results.

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“Under pressure, you don’t rise to the occasion, you sink to the level of your training. That’s why we train so hard.”  – NAVY SEALS